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Missed a tax payment? Pay outstanding tax at a time that suits your cashflow.

If your client hasn’t paid their provisional tax by the due date, you can purchase tax from Tax Traders’ tax pool. Buying tax from the pool will save your client money. It works out to be approximately 35% cheaper than settling a late payment with Inland Revenue (IR) directly.

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  • If you’re an individual taxpayer, we recommend you ask your Accountant to contact Tax Traders so we can get the best outcome for you.

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    How does it work?

    Tax pooling allows you to buy someone else’s tax to settle your client’s outstanding taxes with IR. This is a win-win outcome because the person selling the tax receives more interest than IR’s standard interest rates. It’s a classic example of taxpayers helping each other for mutual advantage. Tax Traders is an IR-approved tax pooling intermediary, and acts like a broker to facilitate this market.

    Tax Traders has tax available to meet liability from 2006 onwards.


    • Save approximately 35% over IRD use-of-money interest
    • No minimum purchase amount
    • Immediate confirmation of purchase requests
    • Eliminate late payment penalties and use-of-money interest charges
    • Flexible payment options to suit your client’s cashflow and business priorities
    • Transactions processed weekly, so you don’t experience a long wait


    • Tax purchases must be completed and transferred to IR within 75 days of your client’s terminal tax date.
    • Income tax is the only tax type that can be purchased for an initial assessment.
    • Other tax types can be purchased if your client has a reassessment from IRD and the initial return was paid and filed: GST, DWT, RWT, NRWT, PAYE, FBT, ESCT, RSCT. Purchases and transfers must be completed within 60 days of the date of issue of the reassessment. Our online tools will guide you through this.

    Greater protection with Tax Traders

    • 100% IRD approved
    • Public Trust holds and approves all payments and transactions
    • Independently audited
    • Money back guarantee if Inland Revenue decline your request

    Do it all online in few minutes
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  • If you’re an individual taxpayer, the benefits of using our tax pool just got better! Taxi is our new venture giving Kiwi businesses easy access to working capital at about half the rate of a big bank overdraft. Learn more at