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Smooth tax over equal weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments towards a current year tax liability.

Every taxpayer is in a different position when tidying up their tax year, so a one-size-fits-all payment option for finalising any RIT shortfall won't suit everyone. At Tax Traders, we offer the most flexible payment options in the market.

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  • If you’re an individual taxpayer, we recommend you ask your accountant to contact Tax Traders so we can get the best outcome for you.

    Smooth Tax

    How does it work?

    Tax Traders’ industry-leading online tools allow you to choose between:

    • Single payment – pay all at once
    • Split payment – pay the interest upfront and the tax later for a lower interest rate
    • Instalment plan – turn the shortfall into a weekly, fortnightly or monthly amount
    • Pay As You Go – pay what you want, when you want

    Fast online optimisation of your client's tax position, plus flexibility on settling any shortfalls

    Use our RIT Tool to calculate your client’s uplift requirements. Accommodating the new 2018-year uplift rules, the calculator provides you with the final amounts required to settle the tax year. It does this by considering payments made to Inland Revenue, payments in the pool, and other tax pooling transactions already in place. With our latest calculator enhancement, this final amount can now be easily structured into a payment profile that suits the individual taxpayer.


    • Fully customisable payment options to suit cashflow or other business priorities.
    • Payment amounts/frequency can easily be changed online, at anytime.
    • Reduce IRD interest costs and eliminate late payment penalty charges.
    • Retain working capital in the business.


    • Tax purchases must be completed and transferred to IR within 75 days of the terminal tax date. Our RIT Tool will take this into account so you don’t accidentally create a non-complying plan.
    • Income tax is the only tax type that can be purchased for an initial assessment.
    • Other tax types can be purchased if your client has a reassessment from IRD and the initial return was paid and filed: GST, DWT, RWT, NRWT, PAYE, FBT, ESCT, RSCT. Purchases and transfers must be completed within 60 days of the date of issue of the reassessment.
    • Our calculators will guide you through the process around eligibility and time frames.

    Greater protection with Tax Traders

    • 100% IRD approved
    • Public Trust holds and approves all payments and transactions
    • Independently audited
    • Money back guarantee if Inland Revenue decline your request

    Do it all online in few minutes
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  • If you’re an individual taxpayer, the benefits of using our tax pool just got better! Taxi is our new venture giving Kiwi businesses easy access to working capital at about half the rate of a big bank overdraft. Learn more at