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How financing works

As an Inland Revenue (IR) approved tax pooling intermediary, we work with IR to enable you to finance tax easily, at a low cost.

You pay the interest up front and the provisional tax at a maturity date you select up to 12 months later. The provisional tax is held for you in a Public Trust trust account at IR and is transferred to your IR account at maturity, once the provisional tax is paid. If you no longer need all the tax at the maturity date, there’s no break fee. You only have to pay for what you need. And if you want to repay early or pay by instalment you can do that too.


  • Reduce IR interest costs and eliminate late payment penalty charges
  • Keep more working capital in your business
  • Less expensive than buying tax
  • Guaranteed availability of tax credits
  • Only pay the principal amount that you need
  • Pay the amount at maturity or by instalment
  • No need for financial disclosure
  • No establishment fees or charges
  • No security required


  • Public Trust holds deposits on your behalf
  • IR approved
  • Independently audited

What you need to do

  • Use our Residual Income Tax (RIT) tool to see how much you can save.
  • Create an account and make your finance request through the Tax Traders dashboard. You will receive a confirmation email once the request has been submitted outlining your order details. Once we have received your finance fee, we will arrange with Public Trust and the lender to have the tax paid to IR. This will be set aside in our trust account until you either pay for it or advise us that you no longer need it.



If you have any queries about the registration process, we’re happy to discuss them with you.


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