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How does it work?

Our RIT tool makes optimising a taxpayer’s tax position easier than ever, saving you valuable time during the busy tax season.

You can forget about manual calculations to determine what needs to be purchased, swapped or transferred because the tool does it all for you. It even takes into account payments made to Inland Revenue. Our latest enhancements to the tool provide four payment options, and the ability to calculate payments for groups of associated taxpayers, offering ultimate flexibility.

To use it, simply go to your Tax Traders dashboard, click on the RIT tool and input the necessary variables. Then let the calculator create the transfers, swaps or purchases needed to settle your client's liability in the most economic way possible.

How to use it

RIT tool in more detail

This will save our users a lot of time because it automatically takes the best course of action when finalising tax positions.
Jo Rooney, Deloitte
This is an exciting tool to simplify the management of tax payments for our clients
Chantelle Hodgson, Young Read Woudberg
Optimise your position
Reduce time
on file

Learn more about managing tax payments online

If you have any questions, call us on 0800 TAX TRADERS (829 872) and we’ll be happy to show you how we can make things simpler for you.