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Case Study: CooperAitken X Tax Traders

Read on to learn how CooperAitken uses Tax Traders to create financial freedom for their clients.

With a rich 100-year history in Morrinsville, it’s safe to say that CooperAitken understands deeply the spirit of the Waikato region and the needs of the people within it.

The Chartered Accountants and Advisory firm represents over 3,500 clients and almost 6,000 tax returns in the region and beyond, with a mix of agricultural and commercial clients.

CooperAitken prides itself on being a progressive and empathic place to work. “We promote strong teamwork, advocate personal development, understand the importance of family and strive to be a workplace that supports the right work-life balance,” says Rory Noorland, Partner at CooperAitken. “We work cohesively as a team in all facets of our business, to ensure we deliver the very best for our clients.”

In order to place their clients in the best financial position possible, CooperAitken uses Tax Traders.

“A lot of our clients are small to medium family-owned or owner/operator businesses,” says Noorland. “Providing them with solutions to manage their cashflow gives them peace of mind, and tax pooling is a great tool to do that.”

Seeing eye to eye

At Tax Traders, we go above and beyond for our clients so they can focus on delivering for theirs. Providing great tools is just one of the ways we do this, but it’s most evident by the relationships our client solutions team builds with our clients like CooperAitken, and the reciprocal respect that builds from that.

“We value our relationship with Tax Traders, and we feel they value us too,” says Sharyn Walsh, lead Tax Adminstrator at CooperAitken.

“Their service is helpful and efficient, their systems and processes are easy to use, the flexibility of their services goes a long way with our clients, they value our feedback and are always looking for ways to improve and better their service.”

“Each and every person we deal with at Tax Traders is helpful, professional and efficient, meaning we can continue to deliver our promise to create freedom in our clients' businesses,” Walsh adds.

Tools to get the job done

As a preferred partner, CooperAitken is part of our Tax Traders Advantage programme, which unlocks additional tools and benefits across their firm. From firmwide access to our IR data connection, there’s a tool to make every aspect of provisional tax easier, faster, and more accurate.

“Our partnership with Tax Traders provides us with exclusive benefits, including competitive rates to pass onto our clients, and prioritised service for our agents when the need arises. Since signing up to firmwide access, it’s so much easier to handle client queries if a tax team member is away,” says Walsh. “We can easily access clients for any of our agents and see what their plan is, get a quote, or submit a transaction all without having to contact Tax Traders for access.”

Supporting struggling industries

With a client list represented predominantly by agricultural businesses, CooperAitken understands the current challenges facing many farmers and others in agri-business today. Thankfully, tax pooling has been able to offer relief to this struggling sector.

“Thanks to the flexibility of tax pooling, something we’re seeing more of now with dairy pay drops is farmers not having to pay tax on 28th June when they have no money in the bank,” says Walsh. “This has been a huge relief for many of our dairy farmers.”

Overall, CooperAitken has found tax pooling to be a great tool for their clients to help manage cash flow. “The flexibility, lower interest rates than what the bank can offer, and the ability to match tax payments to your cash flow profile make using Tax Traders a no brainer,” adds Noorland.

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