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Changes to feeGuard and pricing

From Monday 25th March, feeGuard will no longer be offered on any new interest-upfront arrangements or on any existing finance arrangements that are extended on or after Monday 25th March.

Tax Traders introduced complimentary feeGuard in April 2020 as a temporary measure to support our clients during Covid-19 and the post-pandemic recovery. Four years later and facing a very different economic outlook, we have decided to discontinue feeGuard as part of our offering whilst continuing to focus on what clients tell us is valuable to them.

At the same time, Tax Traders recognises the ongoing pressures being faced by businesses in Aotearoa right now.

With this in mind, we have been working to ensure we continue to meet the needs of your clients in the current market and you will now see significant additional savings on tax amounts reflected in our buy calculators. This pricing will help ensure that tax pooling remains a viable option for more taxpayers.