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Five minutes with Fusi Mataele

Fusi Mataele has had quite the year. From starting her first year at Manukau Institute of Technology, to being one of two recipients of the inaugural Cultivate Technology Scholarship and starting an internship with us at Tax Traders, there’s been no shortage of learning and excitement for this aspiring IT professional.

We sat down with Fusi to hear first-hand how she’s been enjoying the scholarship programme, and her words of wisdom for future applicants.

Know of someone who would be a great fit for the Cultivate Technology Scholarship? Applications for this year’s programme are open through 25th August 2023. Learn more and apply today!


What drew you to apply for the Cultivate Technology Scholarship?


I was recommended by a teacher from careers, as I had done an interview with her about my pathway in which I had said I was interested in the IT industry. She had sent me the link to the scholarship, So, I had read the description and it honestly gave me a positive feeling about it, so I applied.


What’s your biggest career or life goal you’d like to achieve?


My biggest life goal would be finding a job in the IT industry that I enjoy and that helps me to continue grow my knowledge in IT.


Why does working in IT interest you?

What drew me to working in IT was not only the evolution of IT, but I also found it interesting how coding could create so many things like websites, games, helpful tools and so much more. I’ve always been interested in learning how electronics are made, and I enjoy working with both coding and hardware. Iʻm not the best at coding, but I still like it because there is so much to learn.

What does a day in the life at your internship at Tax Traders look like?

I help a lot with data integrity within our customer relationship management (CRM) software. I recently helped in updating client contact information in the CRM which made sure that emails and packages were sent to the right people and right company. Recently, I also got to do hands on work in which I got to apply skills I have learnt from my studies to troubleshoot and fix workstation issues around the company.

I also attend meetings with different teams around the company, and recently I got to attend a meeting discussing the use of coding and how it could potentially make data entry a lot easier in our CRM.


What have been the best things about your internship thus far?


Gaining experience and being able to apply my studies into my work in the internship. Meeting new people and getting to know the team as they are very nice and welcoming.


What would you say to anyone who’s considering applying for the Cultivate Technology Scholarship?


Apply for it because you definitely won’t regret it! The Cultivate Technology Scholarship is full of opportunities, from mentoring, gaining real-world work experience, learning new things and meeting new people. The opportunity to work in a hardworking, positive environment where they care about the mental wellbeing of their staff is just amazing.


If you could summarise your experience with Tax Traders so far in one word, what word would you use?


Rewarding, because they truly show that they care and appreciate you. The working environment is great, it’s welcoming, comfortable and flexible. Although I don’t have kids I find it amazing that they have a nanny in the company for working parents. 


Photo caption: Fusi and several Tax Traders team members pictured during our recent Wellbeing Week.