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Giving a year of joy to new Kiwi

Practicing generosity is a key component of our DNA at Tax Traders. While it’s something we incorporate into our work every day, this time of year is often when generosity is needed the most.

This Christmas, we wanted to do something more for people finding themselves on difficult journeys most of us can’t even begin to understand. To achieve this, we’ve partnered with the Asylum Seekers Support Trust (ASST) to bring some joy to asylum-seeking children and their families not just during Christmas, but all year long.

By the end of next year, ASST estimates it will be supporting close to 600 children and their families as they settle into their new home here in Aotearoa, often with very few belongings to their names. To help bring some cheer during what can be a challenging experience, Tax Traders will be donating a new toy to every child ASST supports over the next year.

As the only organisation in New Zealand that focuses directly on asylum seekers, ASST is intimately familiar with the difficulties these families face.

“We provide humanitarian support to asylum seekers and refugees from the day they arrive, until they no longer need our support,” says Christina, client services manager at ASST. “From providing food parcels, to helping to liaise with lawyers, helping them access benefits and get into work, we help them with as much as we can to ensure they have proper support and feel engaged in their new communities.”

ASST receives new clients every week, meaning demand for their services rarely wanes. “We operate the only emergency accommodation hostel for asylum seekers and refugees, so housing is always a struggle for us,” says Christina.

“In addition to our other services, we also distribute 170 food boxes each week, which combined feed close to 700 people, and help to reduce the costs our clients face.”

Wondering what you can do to support New Zealand’s newest Kiwi? In Christina’s view, it’s pretty straightforward.

“Simply having people understand who we are and what we do is so impactful. The more people learn about asylum seekers, the more they can become advocates for them and be able to change the narrative around refugees.” says Christina.

“Many of our clients are so willing and eager to give back to New Zealand for all that the country has done for them. They play active roles in their communities, they are so grateful to call this place home, and they want to give back however they can.”

Learn more about ASST and how you can get involved.