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Knowing it’s all taken care of – before Christmas!

There is nothing quite like your clients’ provisional tax obligations to bring you back to work (and reality) from your summer break. So why not get ahead and enjoy the summer!

Some accountants that we work with prefer to get a head start by sending out provisional tax reminder letters before the holidays begin, to help ensure clients get plenty of notice. 

Next year, the 15th of January falls on a Sunday, so payment will be due on the following Monday (16th January) for any tax due. Given the lead-up to Christmas is usually a hectic time of year for many accountants and their clients, now is the perfect time to provide your clients with flexible tax payment options for them to consider (and arrange!) prior to the summer break. 

For clients with funds readily available, they can deposit into Tax Traders’ tax pool.  Depositing provides maximum flexibility, especially when it comes to year-end tax time.  A personalised Deposit Notice can be created for a given client using our portal through Manage Tax > Deposit Notice.  

Your clients can also delay tax payments by up to 15 months (from the 16th of January) via an interest upfront arrangement through Tax Traders (paying a small fee upfront and settling the principal tax amount at a later date).  Setting up an instalment plan or a pay as you go arrangement are great options for clients who want to pay their tax over time, as and when they have cash on hand.  Alternatively, clients can purchase tax now (and ensure having funds at the tax dates they need) without having to outlay any cash by settling both the interest and principal amounts in the future.  

Rest easy over the summer break by arranging your clients’ January provisional tax obligations this side of Christmas.   Log in here.

Need help?

The team is on hand to assist with any questions or queries you may have regarding tax pooling. Please phone us on 0800 829 872 or email and we will be happy to help.