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Change of bank

Tax Traders has changed bank accounts to BNZ

To ensure we can continue to offer our clients the best and most flexible payment options, we are happy to announce that we have changed bank accounts to BNZ.

If you or your clients make provisional tax payments into the Tax Traders pool, please update the relevant bank payee details to ensure any provisional tax payments go directly to our new account:

Deposits   02-0506-0264679-00 (use this if your ERP system only allows one account)
Invoices    02-0506-0264679-02

You can view our updated standard settlement instructions and confirmation from Public Trust that bank account details should be amended  here . Please let us know if you or your clients require a copy of the bank deposit slip for our new accounts.

Why has Tax Traders changed banks?

Inland Revenue has changed their payment process and our previous bank was not able to adapt to this change. We are changing banks to BNZ so we can continue to offer our clients the best and most flexible payment options. This includes ensuring you can continue to have until 10pm to make deposits, as well as benefit from the automated banking technology we use, which eliminates the need for human intervention.

When does the change take place?

The new accounts are live now. We recommend that you update saved bank payee details as soon as possible before your next provisional tax date.

What happens if you pay the old bank account?

Our existing Westpac accounts remain open, and we have processes in place to redirect payments to the new accounts. If a payment is made to an old account, we will automatically advise you of this.

For Agents: Which clients are currently depositing into the Tax Traders pool? 

To generate a list of clients who currently have deposits in the Tax Traders pool, please run the Global Balance Report (found under the Global Reports menu) on your agent dashboard.

Have questions?

Please check out our FAQs on our Knowledge Base. We are also available via phone (0800 829 872) and  email to answer your questions at any time. You are also invited to reach out directly to Public Trust by calling Glenn Wilkinson on 0800 371 471.