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Introducing your new dashboard

Experience greater visibility and control over all your transactions, with more speed and less effort. Created by our in-house development team, there's nothing else like it in the marketplace.

Take the 2 min video tour:

New features include:

  • Customisable display
    Set your summary screen to prioritise the sections that are most relevant to you for your taxpayers.
  • Simplified transaction history reporting
    As a transaction moves through its various stages, the transaction will update to reflect the stage the transaction is at.
  • Single line transaction records
    Swaps will now be recorded as a single line transaction, rather than a separate Buy and Sell. Where purchases are set for automatic IR transfer following completion, this is reflected within the detail page of the purchase transaction, rather than seeing a new "transfer" transaction line appear.
  • Enhanced visibility
    The new "transactions in progress" section of the dashboard shows at a glance all transactions that are still in progress – either with Tax Traders, or with Inland Revenue. This will easily identify transactions where you’ve done everything you need to do, but the transaction isn’t showing on your Inland Revenue account yet.
  • Clear payment due information
    Transaction summaries will now identify the next due date and amount due for each transaction type. Interest upfront options or instalment options will reflect the initial payment amount or instalment amount with a due date, updating once the payment is received to reflect the next payment due in the sequence.

Thanks for sharing your ideas and feedback which have inspired another leap forward for tax pooling.

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