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Tax Camp 2023

It’s not very often that you hear the words ‘tax’ and ‘camp’ used together, but at Tax Traders, it’s a term that has come to exemplify our culture and DNA as an organisation.

For six years now, our team has dedicated a few days a year to putting our usual work on the back burner and focusing wholly on growing as people and as a team at our annual team retreat, affectionately known as Tax Camp.

It’s a chance for our team to get a change of scenery, share in new experiences, and learn new things about themselves and each other. “Something special happens when we spend time together outside of the office,” says Nicola Taylor, Tax Traders co-founder. “We see team members in a different light, we create memories that sustain us, and we have a chance to focus on an aspect of our business that needs strengthening.”

This year’s theme was Always Allies, centered around helping our people be allies to themselves, to their teammates, and to Tax Traders itself. Each of the three days away explored one of these concepts through shared learning, activities, and guest speakers, including leadership and mindset specialist Dr. Jo Workman.

From lessons on the power of self-compassion, to understanding Karpman’s Drama Triangle, to learning more about innovative cultures and how to foster them, the sessions helped us build out our cultural practices and add new tools to our toolkit.

Similar to our approach with our annual Wellbeing Week, Tax Camp is a reflection of our belief in the critical importance of high functioning teams and creating psychological safety in the workplace. We are proud to model that behaviour for others and inspire change. 

If you have any questions about our approach to team building and how you might be able to create a culture of growth and self-compassion in your organisation, we would be happy to share our tips – just reach out!

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(Nearly all!) of the Tax Traders team.